Welcome Note

The LIS is on a day-to-day managed by the University Librarian, who reports to the Vice Chancellor. Consequently, for all issues pertaining to LIS, all initial suggestions and/or complains are to be addressed to the University Librarian.

Among the students body, there is a guild minister responsible for academic affairs. He/she may receive complains and/or suggestions from students. Depending on the extent of the submission, he/she may table the matter for discussion in the Guild Representatives Council (GRC) meeting or send it direct to the University Librarian.

Within the LIS department, there are Divisions and Branch Libraries headed by professional staff. Issues relating to any of the divisions or branch Libraries may be directed to the respective heads. In addition to these, is the Senate and the respective Senate Committee, where students are fully represented.

LIS services are optional, but should you opt to use these services, it is in your interest to undergo new user’s orientation sessions and you MUST register for the services in order to be able to use and find help easily and without getting yourself outside the restrictions specified in the Library rules and regulations.

Note that ONLY fully registered students are eligible to register. During registration, an email account (OFFICIAL) will be opened for you. In cases where one feels his/her concerns are not being handled, such suggestions and/or complains may be sent to the Vice Chancellor.

Some of key documents to guide you on LIS services include:

  • The Library rules and regulations booklet,
  • The joining instructions.

Thanks a lot; the Library wishes you all the best in Gulu University and after Gulu University.